Compuhire is a specialist company, exclusively supplying film and television productions with in-vision computers and graphics.  Established in 1994 we have worked on many hundreds of Commercials, TV Dramas and Movies throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, India and in the USA.  (A list of some productions can be seen on IMDB).

Set Dec
We have an extensive stock of computer equipment from the 1980s to the present day, much of which is or can be made to look practical.  We have a range of low cost boxes to just make screens “light up” as if practical, meaning large offices can be filled with what appears to be working computers at a fraction of the cost.

Playback Services
From Cash Point machines to Police Incident Rooms to Space Ship Flight Decks we can supply the screens (or work with your own screens) to make sure that the images that appear in camera are what you want, creating a more realistic atmosphere on set and saving money in post production.  Our skilled on-set technicians (both on and off set) design the playback systems to meet your exact scripted requirements.

For older tube based monitors we have specialised equipment to synchronise the screen refresh to your camera (23.976, 24.000, 25.000 FPS).

Graphics Production
In addition to a large library of stock graphics we also generate custom graphics for both “real world” and science-fiction settings utilising both in house graphic designers and a number of specialist motion graphics companies with whom we work regularly.  Alternatively if you have produced your own artwork (animated or static) we can animate or program that to work in exactly the way you want it to.

If you have a script and it mentions a screen (Computer, CCTV, Television, Projection, Glass Panel) – then we will sort it out for you!